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We are reviewing Volaris airline: general information, how to cancel or change your booking, check in for a flight, what is free baggage allowance, passenger reviews, travelling with children and pets.

The Airline card 

  • Full name: Volaris.
  • IATA code: Y4.
  • Establishment date: 2005.
  • Alliance membership: None.
  • Headquarters (main hub): Mexico, Mexico City, and the Mexico City International Airport.
  • The bonus programme name: V.Club.
  • Official website: Volaris.
  • Aircraft fleet: 90 aircraft. The aircraft’s average age is ~7 years.
  • Security: 7 out of 7 according to Airline Ratings.

About the airline

Volaris was founded in 2005 as a low-cost Mexican airline and was originally called Vuela Airlines. As of 2023, it is the country’s second largest airline after Aeromexico.

Volaris currently operates domestic and international flights to more than 70 destinations. 

The airline provides even more routes through codeshare partners:

  • Condor;
  • Frontier Airlines.
Source: cdbaviation


Volaris exclusively operates narrow-body aircrafts manufactured by Airbus. Its base aircraft are the Airbus A320-200 and the Airbus A321neo.

Cancelling or changing your booking

To issue a refund, the ticket must be at least 7 days before departure for international flights and at least 24 hours for domestic flights. If the ticket is non-refundable, neither part of the fare nor additional fees such as change fees will be refunded.

Change fees and refunds depend on the route, date, and fare. It is not possible to make changes to a ticket if:

  • There are less than 4 hours to your flight;
  • The boarding pass is already in your possession;
  • If you have not paid for your ticket in full.

A telephone line with support agents is available in 8 regions:

The line is open 24/7. All employees of the line can make changes to bookings. In addition, an airline Chatbot is available on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Check-in for the flight

Online check-in is available via a link on the Volaris website, in the mobile app and in the company chatbot on WhatsApp. Starts 72/24 hours (for domestic/international flights) before departure and ends one hour before departure. Name and booking code must be entered.

Online check-in and mobile boarding passes are available for all airports.

If you check in online and fly with luggage, you still need to check it in. You can do it yourself using the self baggage drop-off counter at the airport.

Fares and classes

Volaris offers its passengers only economy class, so passengers are offered a minimal range of services in favour of low airfares.

This is what the cabin of one of the Volaris aircraft looks like.


Services and extras

In addition to basic services, such as the purchase of meals, extra luggage and others, on its flights Volaris provides the opportunity to purchase services:

  • Volaris partner hotel reservations;
  • Fare holding up to 72 hours. For passengers who have not decided whether they are flying or not.
  • Car rentals or transfers from one airport to another.

Free baggage allowance

On Volaris flights there is a limit on the bags number. The airline offers 3 different fares a total:


An usual option. 1 piece of carry-on baggage (must fit under the seat in front of you). 1 piece of carry-on baggage (56 x 40 x 25 cm). The weight of your hand baggage and baggage items must not exceed 20 kg in total. Checked-in baggage is not included in the fare.


Extended option. Carry-on baggage 1 piece (must fit under the seat in you front). Carry-on baggage 1 piece (56 x 40 x 25 cm). Your hand baggage and baggage weight must not exceed 20 kg in total. Your hand baggage and baggage 1 piece weighing no more than 25 kg and with dimensions not exceeding 158 cm in the three dimensions sum.


A modest option for flights without luggage. Carry-on baggage1 piece (must fit under the seat in front of you).

Food on board

Meals on Volaris flights are not included in the ticket price. Snacks and refreshments can be purchased on board from the extensive menu on the website. Mexican pesos and non-cash payment (except Visa Electron cards) are accepted.

The Company does not provide information about the halal menu.
Source: Airlinemeals

Travelling while pregnant

Volaris allows pregnant women on board without restriction up to pregnancy the 36th week if there are no complications or contraindications. If you will be travelling at 36 weeks or later, you must have a certificate signed by your doctor or obstetrician.

The letter should state:

  • Authorization from your doctor to travel by air, stating the length of the flight and the date you are allowed to travel until;
  • Your physician’s full name, professional licence number, and contact telephone number
  • Passenger’s full name.

If you do not have a doctor’s note, you must complete and sign the “Pregnancy or Illness Notice” form provided by Volaris, indicating that you are aware of the risks of flying.

Travelling with children

Children under the 7 days age cannot travel on Volaris flights.

Children under 2 years of age travel at the infant fare if they sit on their parent’s lap or at the adult fare if they are in a separate car/child seat.

Children from 2 to 4 years of age must be accompanied by an adult passenger or a family member who is at least 13 years of age at the travel time. If accompanied by a family member between 13 and 17 years old, both passengers will be considered unaccompanied and must use the “Volaris with you” service.

Children aged 5 to 12 travelling alone are considered unaccompanied and must use Volaris with you. Children aged 13 to 17 years old are not required to use this service. In both cases, passengers must be accompanied by an adult and must present themselves at the check-in desk with their boarding pass.

Travelling with pets

Volaris allows the carriage of pets in the cabin on its flights. It is necessary that the weight of the pet together with the carrier does not exceed 10 kg. 

If it weighs more than 10 kg, it is carried as check-in baggage. A well ventilated, secure carrier suitable for the size and weight of the pet is required. Pets exceeding the maximum weight of 45 kg are transported by cargo-company.

For more information, visit the Volaris website.

Bonus programme

The V.Club loyalty program allows you to receive discounts on airline tickets and save up to 25% on each Volaris flight. In addition, members of the loyalty program can book rooms at discounted rates at partner hotels and enjoy special promotions every Thursday.

Volaris offers 3 membership options:

  • Individual — special rate for single travelers. Discounts and promotions for one member only.
  • Duo — the fare is similar to Individual, but for two passengers.
  • Amigos y Familia — the rate is similar to Duo, but for groups of up to 9 people.

Passengers’ review

Rating 2.5/5 according to

Reviews about the company are mixed. Customers note the absence of negative experiences on low-cost flights – a plus. Safety rules are respected. The seats are small, but comfortable. Service is meagre, but the cost of airline tickets fully justifies it.

Nevertheless, in the last six months negative feedback from passengers has increased due to constant delays and flight cancellations, unreasonable baggage surcharges, terrible customer service on the phone support line and other shortcomings.

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