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We are reviewing Air Astana airline: general information, how to cancel or change your booking, check in for a flight, what is free baggage allowance, passenger reviews, travelling with children and pets.

The Airline card

Full name: Air Astana.

The IATA code: KC.

Creation date: 2001.

Alliance Membership: None.

Headquarters (main hub): Kazakhstan, Almaty, the Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport.

The bonus program name: Nomad Club.

The official website: Air Astana.

Aircraft fleet: 27 aircrafts. Aircraft average age ~4 years.

Safety: 7 out of 7 according to the website Airline Ratings.

 About the airline

The Air Astana was founded in 2001 as a carrier serving domestic routes. Currently, Air Astana is the largest airline in the country. 

The Air Astana operates domestic and international flights to 64 destinations. The airline provides more routes through shearing partners a code:

  • The Asiana Arilines
  • The Bangkok Airways
  • The Cathay Pacific
  • The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • The Lufthansa
  • The Turkish Airlines


The Air Astana operates narrow- and wide-body aircraft manufactured by Airbus, Boeing and Embraer. The airline’s base aircrafts — Airbus A321neo, Embraer E190 и Boeing 767-300.

Cancelling or changing your booking

If the ticket is non-refundable, neither the fare part nor additional fees, such as change fees, will be refunded. Free refunds are available only for the MyChoice Plus and the MyChoice Flexible Business fares.

Charges for reservation change and ticket refund depend on the route, date and fare. They start at 4000 tenge. On international flights, the overbooking/return fee average cost is $40. You can find detailed information on our website Air Astana.  

Support agents on the phone line speak in Russian, English and Kazakh. The line is available 24 hours a day. From 8:00 am. to 8:00 pm. local time there is an online consultant on WhatsApp chat.

Check-in for the flight

Online check-in is available at the link on the Air Astana website in the “Check-in” tab. Starts 36 hours before departure and ends one hour before departure. You must provide your name and reservation number / ticket number / Nomad Club membership number. 

Online check-in is available at all airports, but the mobile boarding pass can only be used for flights from Almaty and Astana. In the future, the carrier promises to expand the mobile boarding pass geography.

If you fly with luggage, you will still have to check it in with an employee at the check-in desk or on your own using special Air Astana baggage check-in desks. 

Online check-in is not available for unaccompanied children, passengers with extra seat and passengers on stretchers.

Currency exchange rate USD to EUR

Updated 12.04.2024


Fares and classes

The Air Astana offers passengers four classes:


Economy class is the most economical class and therefore has some limitations (no seat selection, smaller hand luggage compared to other classes, etc.)

Economy Sleeper

Individual space at the front of economy class, consisting of 3 seats. Passengers will be provided with a mattress, comforter and pillow. Entertainment system, business lounge, priority during check-in and other services available.

Please note! Economy Sleeper is offered only on routes from Almaty to London, from Astana to Frankfurt and from Almaty to Beijing.

Premium Economy

Premium Economy Class is only available on Embraer 190-E2 aircraft and features seats with extra legroom. Premium Economy Class passengers receive privileges throughout their journey, from expedited pre-flight formalities to two additional checked baggage spaces. 


Business Class is equipped with reclining seats. On long flights a down comforter is offered. Meals a varied menu and additional travel essentials in the Boggi and Porsche Design branded travel kits form. Business class also includes the previous classes all other services (except for the economy sleeper triple seats).

Services and extras

In addition to basic services, such as the purchase of meals, extra baggage and other, on its flights the Air Astana provides an opportunity to purchase or use the services:

  • expedited formalities accompanied by an airline representative “Meet&Greet”;
  • express mail “MyMail”. A fast way to deliver mail, documents and parcels up to 3 kg;
  • Air Astana Market online store. The goods range includes souvenirs, airplanes miniature models, the Air Astana and others branded products;
  • access to press in more than 20 different languages “MyPress” a wide range.

Free baggage allowance

On the Air Astana flights, restrictions apply on the checked baggage pieces and weight number. What is the luggage one piece regulated by the booking class.

Economy Class

Hand luggage 8 kg. Dimensions must not exceed 56x45x25cm.

Checked-in luggage – 1 piece total weight up to 23kg.

Economy Sleeper

Hand luggage 8 kg. Dimensions must not exceed 56x45x25cm.

Checked-in luggage – 23kg each 2 pieces.

Premium Economy Class

Hand baggage 8 kg. Dimensions must not exceed 56x45x25cm.

Checked-in baggage – 32kg each 2 pieces.

Business class

Hand baggage 8 kg each two pieces. The dimensions must not exceed 56x45x25cm.

Checked-in baggage – 32kg each 2 pieces.

Food on board

Snacks and soft drinks are available on board. In addition, hot and cold dishes will be served during the flight, the assortment varies depending on the passenger class. 

There are also special menus (for certain religions passengers, allergies, dietary menu, and others). To serve it, you need to select “Seat requests and meals” in the “Additional options” field when booking your flight and specify the food from the list.

If you forget to order a special menu at the booking time, you must contact the help center at least 24 hours before departure.

Halal food is available on the Air Astana flights. It is ordered in the same way as any other special food. On flights from Istanbul and Antalya all meals are halal and do not require a special request.

For more information, please visit the Air Astana website.

Travelling while pregnant

Air Astana accepts pregnant women on board without restriction up to the pregnancy 22nd week if there are no complications or contraindications. If you will be traveling at 22 weeks or later, you must have a certificate signed by your doctor or obstetrician.

The letter should state:

  • the gestational age;
  • the fact that you are in health a satisfactory state.

For safety reasons, women who are expected to give birth within the next 7 days are not allowed to fly on the Air Astana flights. 

Flights with children

Children under the 7 days age, as well as mothers who gave birth less than 7 days ago, are not allowed on the flight.

Children under age 2 years on domestic flights within Kazakhstan and on international flights to/from Kazakhstan are carried charge free unless they have a separate seat. If a seat is provided, a 50% discount on the adult fare is applicable. On flights between foreign countries with a stopover in Kazakhstan the adult fare 25% a discount is available.

Children 2-14 years old inclusive on domestic flights within Kazakhstan and on international flights to/from Kazakhstan will get the adult fare 50% discount off.

No discount is available for children older than 15 years old.

Unaccompanied children are accepted for flights from 6 to 15 years old inclusive after filling in and signing the Unaccompanied Minor Transportation Agreement by parents or legal guardians at the check-in desk. On domestic flights, 50% discount applies. On international flights for unaccompanied children under 11 years old – 25%.

Travelling with pets 

The Air Astana accepts the pets carriage on its flights in the cabin and in the aircraft luggage compartment. The exceptions are transportation to/from the countries where it is prohibited – UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, as well as importation to India and UAE. In this case, the pet travels by cargo company.

To transport the pet in the aircraft cabin, its weight with the carrier must not exceed 8kg, and the carrier size must not be larger than 30x47x27cm for Airbus and Boeing aircraft and 29x43x26cm for Embraer aircraft. The carrier should be protected and well ventilated.

Maximum weight for transporting a pet as check-in baggage is 50kg including the carrier weight.

For more information, please visit Air Astana website.

Bonus programme

The Nomad Club loyalty program allows you to accumulate points with every flight on the Air Astana and its partners. Points can be earned and spent. They are valid for three years.

At the program first level, Blue, the customer gets access to a “personalized online office” and the airline news by e-mail.

Free increased baggage allowance is available starting from the Silver level (one extra seat). Gold and Diamond levels also have this privilege (two extra seats).

Passengers’ reviews 

Rating 4.0.

The company most reviews are positive. Customers praise cabin crew service and the attitude to passengers.

From the disadvantages, passengers highlight unremarkable seats even in business class, legroom and frequent flight delays a small amount.

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