BORDER STATUS Taiwan (chinese Taipei)

Latest information on travel bans during COVID-19

Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

Borders of Chinese Taipei are temporarily closed.

The rule doesn’t apply to:

  • holders of a Chinese Taipei travel document;
  • holders of an Alien Resident Certificate;
  • holders of permission.
  • trantsit passangers (less than 8 hours transit) through Taoyuan but not flying from the Mainland of China.
  • passengers who are allowed to enter will stay under quarantine for a 14 days;
  • arriving passangers must show before departure “Quarantine System for Entry Form” and submit it on the website .
  • arriving people must present a negative COVID-19 trst results got 3 days before departure

the rule doesn`t apply to

1. residents of Chinese Taipei

2. holders of visas with “DC”, “FD”, “FO”, “O”, “FL”, “FC” or “FS” mark

  • People arriving from Philippines will be screened.

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