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The main trend of this week

Half of the summer is behind us. Governments are having to make faster decisions about how to live in a world where pandemic is commonplace. At the moment, two main models have formed: with the strengthening of government control and compulsory vaccination, and with the weakening of control – after more than half of the population voluntarily vaccinated against coronavirus.

In Russia, the population is encouraged to vaccinate with a decision “from above”, but no lockdown is introduced. In Great Britain they took a different path. The number of vaccinated people exceeded 51%, and even despite the incidence rates comparable to those in Russia, it was decided to cancel coronavirus restrictions within the country from July 19. The position is tough, but adult: “what is a covid is known, decide for yourself how to be.”

The rest of the states do not share the enthusiasm for such issues. For example, the capital of Vietnam had enough 9,000 new cases to announce the introduction of isolation, and even less in Sydney – 439 new cases of infection have been registered there since mid-June. Bali was not opened in Indonesia.

In Europe, the tourist boom continues: Portugal, Norway, the Netherlands, have begun to let vaccinated tourists from any country, air traffic for Greece, Turkey and Spain has grown by an average of 35% over the past two weeks, in Croatia the tourist flow has added 50%.

P.S. The vaccine from Pfizer, according to an Israeli study, shows a low efficacy against new strains of “delta” – 64%.

New “Basic” conditions for entry

  1. From July 8, tourists from Russia arriving in Bulgaria must present a negative PCR test for coronavirus.

  2. Slovakia requires a negative test for COVID-19, from which vaccinees arriving from a number of countries are exempted.

  3. When entering Austria, there is no need to fill out the “Pre-Travel-Clearance” form for passengers arriving from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and several other countries. There are conditions.

  4. In Panama, quarantine can be avoided if there is a vaccination and a negative test result for antigen / PCR / RT-PCR.

  5. The Traveler Health Questionnaire must be completed upon arrival in South Africa – it is no longer possible via the Internet.

  6. Ecuador has indicated that it will accept vaccination certificates and handwritten test results.

  7. In New Caledonia, the minimum quarantine time is 7 days.

  8. Passenger Locator Form is no longer required to enter Poland.

New transit rules

  1. In Thailand, a PCR test is not required for transit if there is a vaccination certificate.

  2. The UAE has abolished transit restrictions for passengers from India, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

  3. In Malaysia, transit time through the Kuala Lumpur Capital Airport (KUL) is 24 hours (was 48). In addition, transit passengers are now required to have a negative PCR test.

Ситуация в РФ и в мире

  • Russia

    Situation in Russia

  • World

    Situation in the world

Current COVID-19 data in the Russian Federation

The borders of the Russian Federation are closed until further notice

Entry into the country is allowed

  1. citizens of the Russian Federation and members of their families;
  2. permanent residents of the Russian Federation;
  3. citizens and residents of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Qatar, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Turkey, UAE, Great Britain, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Vietnam, arriving on direct flights from these countries;
  4. students with written permission from their university. The university must submit a permit to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Since July 7, vaccinated Russians do not need to take PCR tests when returning home. Those who have recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months are equated to them. The rest of the citizens must pass the COVID-19 test within three days of arrival.

On July 8, Vladimir Putin authorized flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

It will be possible to check into hotels in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory if there is a negative PCR test. However, you need to vaccinate within three days.

In Cuba, tourists from Russia are massively placed in isolation. A significant proportion of those who tested positive for coronavirus were vaccinated. It is worth noting that only 2% of those quarantined were found to have covid during repeated testing. The demand for vacations on Liberty Island has dropped dramatically.

Austria has introduced an entry restriction for passengers who have traveled to the Russian Federation in the past 10 days.

Актуальный данные COVID-19 в мире

Интересные события

В Indonesia передумали и решили не открывать Бали для иностранных туристов. Пока что ограничения продлятся до 20 июля.

Гавайский остров Мауи в последние месяцы настолько переполнен туристами, что его мэр попросил авиалинии привозить меньше людей. С 8 июля все ограничения на поездки между островами снимаются и неизвестно, сбудется ли мечта мэра.

В Израиле провели исследование, которое показало, что на фоне распространяющихся “Дельты” и “Дельты плюс” эффективность американского препарата Pfizer снизилась до 64%. Рост заражений в стране не привел к увеличению количества тяжелых случаев.

Президент Ирана предупредил, что страна может столкнуться с пятой волной коронавирусной инфекции.

Крупный гонконгский перевозчик Cathay Pacific не надеется на авиабизнес и планирует стать “брендом премиум-класса для путешествий”.

Власти Непала объявили о возобновлении пассажирских рейсов. Число заболевшихе имеет тенденцию к снижению.

Positive and negative trends


Citizens and residents of the United States began to enter Poland.

In Cyprus, PCR tests are not required for passengers from Germany, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia and some other countries.

Greece allows citizens and residents of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Jordan and Moldova.

Passengers from the USA and Canada will no longer need any documents related to the coronavirus to enter Montenegro.

In Portugal , EU DCC holders will not be quarantined and a covid test is not required. They began to let passengers from Armenia, Moldova and Canada.

Austria has lifted quarantine for vaccinated passengers, but there are conditions.

Norway has allowed entry for any passengers as long as they have a vaccination certificate issued by one of the EU countries

Oman has removed Ghana, Guinea, Lebanon and South Africa from the list of high-risk countries.

Sudan allowed entry to its citizens arriving from India. They need to have a test, take another one upon arrival, and comply with a 14-day quarantine.

Who opened

From 12 July Finland will open its borders to fully vaccinated or recovered travelers arriving from the EU and the Schengen area with low infection rates. Those who are not vaccinated must take a test before leaving or immediately upon arrival in Finland.

Thai Phuket was opened to passengers from a number of countries, including Russia, the United States, and EU countries. However, in order not to be in mandatory quarantine for 14 days, you must provide a certificate of vaccination with one of the approved drugs. Negotiations on the recognition of Sputnik are still underway.

France lets passengers who have been ill from green countries.

Продлили ограничительные меры

Греция — до 15 июля

Хорватия — до 15 июля

Мальта — до 1 августа

Норвегия — до 10 августа


В Украине изолируют пассажиров, прибывающих из России, Великобритании, Индии и Португалии. Относится это и к тем, кто провёл не менее 7 дней в течение последних двух недель на территории одной из этих стран.

В Марокко пассажиров из России, Туниса, Египта будут помещать на 10-дневный карантин. Избежать карантина можно, если есть сертификат о вакцинации — например, “Спутником”.

В Тунисе требуют отрицательные тесты и у туристов, прошедших вакцинацию, и тех, кто путешествуют организованной группой по системе “всё включено”.

Чехия ввела ограничение на въезд прибывающих из Туниса.

Франция добавила Демократическую Республику Конго, Оман и Замбию в список красных стран.

На Мальдивах запретили въезд пассажирам, недавно посетившим Индию, Пакистан, Бангладеш и некоторые другие азиатских государства с неблагоприятной эпидемиологической ситуацией.

Теперь для въезда в Индонезию нужен сертификат о вакцинации. Он должен быть не только на английском, но и на языке той страны, откуда прибывает пассажир. Гражданам страны не нужен тест.

В Южной Корее обновили список стран, прибывая из которых пассажиры будут помещены в карантин вне зависимости от наличия сертификата о вакцинации. Помимо прочих туда внесли Индонезию, Мальту и Колумбию.

Саудовская Аравия ввела ограничения на въезд пассажиров из Афганистана, Эфиопии, ОАЭ и Вьетнама или побывавших в этих странах в течение последних 14 дней.

В Сингапур больше не могут въехать пассажиры с Air Travel Pass из Австралии из-за неблагоприятной эпидемиологической обстановки в стране.

В Гватемале всем путешественникам нужен отрицательный тест, либо сертификат о вакцинации или выздоровлении. Ранее в страну можно было попасть без этих документов, сдав тест уже по прибытии.

В Габоне прибывающих будут тестировать на коронавирус. На время ожидания результата нужно забронировать карантинный отель.

Open to the vaccinated

  • Passengers from all countries are allowed to the Netherlands if they have a vaccination certificate – except for those where the epidemiological situation is now unfavorable. Russians are allowed if they are vaccinated with the European vaccine.

  • Fully vaccinated passengers arriving in Canada do not undergo a molecular test on the 8th day after arrival and do not need to confirm their hotel reservation.