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Victory Day

Vietnam celebrates Victory Day on 30 April.

It marks the end of the Indochina War. There will be free screenings of documentaries and rallies in the cities.

Currency exchange rate VND to USD

Updated 22.09.2023


Vietnam: country’s borders status

Borders are open. Currently there are no imposed COVID-related restrictions.

National holidays in Vietnam in 2023

Public holidays and festivals in Vietnam in 2023. Non-working days:

  • January 1, Sunday: New Year (Năm mới)
  • January 2, Monday: New Year (Năm mới)
  • January 21, Saturday: Feast Tet (Bữa tiệc tet)
  • January 22, Sunday: Feast Tet (Bữa tiệc tet)
  • January 23, Monday: Feast Tet (Bữa tiệc tet)
  • January 24, Tuesday: Feast Tet (Bữa tiệc tet)
  • January 25, Wednesday: Feast Tet (Bữa tiệc tet)
  • January 26, Thursday: Feast Tet (Bữa tiệc tet)
  • January 27, Friday: Feast Tet (Bữa tiệc tet)
  • April 29, Saturday: Kings of Khungs Kings Day (Giỗ Tổ Hùng Vương)
  • April 30, Sunday: Reunion Day (Ngày tái hợp)
  • May 1, Monday: Labor Day (Ngày lao động)
  • May 2, Tuesday: Reunion Day (Ngày tái hợp)
  • September 2, Saturday: Independence Day (Ngày Quốc Khánh)
  • September 4, Monday: Independence Day (Ngày Quốc Khánh)


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News - Vietnam

17.09.2023 21:55
An outbreak of dengue fever was recorded in Vietnam. Pin to board
14.09.2023 08:48
The Best Western Premier Marvella hotel opened in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Pin to board
05.09.2023 23:12
Reconstruction of terminal T3 has started at Ho Chi Minh City Airport (Vietnam). Pin to board
26.08.2023 17:03
Vietravel Airlines’ Hainan – Hanoi (Vietnam) route is now open. Pin to board
21.08.2023 21:16
The authorities of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) faced the problem of rubbish disposal. Pin to board
20.08.2023 11:20
Vietjet is holding a sale until 22 August for flights from 6 September 2023 to 31 March 2024. Pin to board