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 Medieval Fair

The Medieval Fair will be held in Stockholm from April 29 to 30.

As part of the festival, there will be knights’ fights and archery competitions.

Currency exchange rate SEK to USD

Updated 21.09.2023


Sweden: country’s borders status

Borders are open. Currently there are no imposed COVID-related restrictions.

National holidays in Sweden in 2023

Public holidays and festivals in Sweden in 2023. Non-working days:

  • January 1, Sunday: New Year (Nyår)
  • January 6, Friday: Epiphany (Trettondedag jul)
  • March 7, Friday: Good Friday (Långfredagen)
  • March 9, Sunday: Easter Sunday (påsk söndag)
  • April 10, Monday: Easter Monday (annandag påsk)
  • May 1, Monday: May day (Majdag)
  • May 18, Thursday: Ascension Day (Kristi uppstigning)
  • May 28, Sunday: Whitsun (Den heliga treenighetens dag)
  • June 6, Tuesday: National Day of Sweden (Sveriges nationella dag)
  • June 24, Saturday: Midsummer Day (Sommarsolståndets semester)
  • November 4, Saturday: All Saints’ Day (Alla helgons dag)
  • December 25, Monday: Christmas (Jul)
  • December 26, Tuesday: Christmas (Jul)


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News - Sweden

07.09.2023 08:02
Wizz Air stops flights from Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to Stockholm (Sweden). Pin to board
14.08.2023 19:29
The British Foreign Ministry warned British tourists about the increased risk of terrorist attacks in Sweden. Pin to board
09.08.2023 17:19
A strong storm has hit the countries of Northern Europe. Pin to board
05.08.2023 13:24
Medieval Week will be held in Gotland (Sweden) on 6-13 August. Pin to board
04.08.2023 08:32
In Turkey, there was an attack on the honorary consulate of Sweden. Pin to board
30.06.2023 23:22
Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö airports (all in Sweden) will see workers on strike from 3 to 14 July. Pin to board