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Severe floods were recorded in Aktobe and Kostanay regions (Kazakhstan).

More than 10,000 people were evacuated. 

Currency exchange rate KZT to USD

Updated 16.04.2024


Kazakhstan: country’s borders status

Borders are open. Currently there are no imposed COVID-related restrictions.

National holidays in Kazakhstan in 2024

Public holidays and festivals in Kazakhstan in 2024. Non-working days:

  • January 1, Monday: New Year (Жаңа жыл);
  • January 2, Tuesday: New Year (Жаңа жыл)
  • January 7, Sunday: An Orthodox Christmas (Православиелік Рождество);
  • March 8, Friday: International Women’s Day (Халықаралық әйелдер күні);
  • March 21, Thursday: Novruz (Ноуз);
  • March 22, Friday: Novruz (Ноуз);
  • March 23, Saturday: Novruz (Ноуз);
  • May 1, Wednesday: Day of Unity (Бірлік күні);
  • May 7, Tuesday: Defender of the Fatherland Day (Отан қорғаушылар күні);
  • May 9, Thursday: Victory Day (Жеңіс күні);
  • June 17, Monday: Kurban-Bayram (Құрбан-Байрам);
  • July 6, Saturday: Day of the capital (Астана күні);
  • August 30, Friday: Constitution day (Конституция күні);
  • October 25, Wednesday: Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Қазақстан Республикасы күні);
  • December 16, Monday: Independence Day (Тәуелсіздік күні);
  • December 17, Tuesday: Independence Day (Тәуелсіздік күні).


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News - Kazakhstan

15.04.2024 22:03
Qazaq Air (Kazakhstan) has reduced the cost of air tickets for the duration of the floods. Pin to board
14.04.2024 12:03
Kazakhstan and Macau signed an agreement on visa-free travel. Pin to board
12.04.2024 09:55
Kazakhstan airlines announced their readiness to refund money for flights disrupted by floods. Pin to board
11.04.2024 12:17
The National Museum in Astana opened an exhibition dedicated to outstanding artists of Kazakhstan. Pin to board
09.04.2024 19:50
Air Astana performs additional flights on the Almaty – Atyrau route. Pin to board
08.04.2024 22:17
FlyArystan launches Almaty – Namangan (Uzbekistan) route in June. Pin to board