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Turkish Airlines

RwandAir signed a code-share agreement with Turkish Airlines.

The Turkish carrier plans to increase the number of flights to African countries.

Currency exchange rate RWF to USD

Updated 09.12.2023


Rwanda: country`s borders status

Currently there are no entry COVID-related restrictions are imposed.

National holidays in Rwanda in 2023

Public holidays and festivals in Rwanda in 2023. Non-working days:

  • January 1, Sunday: New Year (Umunsi Mushya);
  • January 2, Monday: New Year (Umunsi Mushya);
  • January 3, Tuesday: New Year (Umunsi Mushya);
  • February 1, Wednesday: National Heroes Day (Umunsi w’intwari z’igihugu);
  • April 7, Friday: Good Friday (Kuwa gatanu mutagatifu);
  • April 7, Friday: Tutsi Genocide Remembrance Day (Umunsi wo kwibuka Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi);
  • April 10, Monday: Easter Monday (Ku wa mbere wa Pasika);
  • April 21, Friday: Eid al-Fitr;
  • May 1, Monday: Labor Day (Umunsi w’abakozi);
  • June 28, Wednesday: Kurban Bayram (Eid al-Adha);
  • July 1, Saturday: Independence Day (Umunsi wubwigenge);
  • July 3, Monday: Independence Day (Ikiruhuko cy’umunsi w’ubwigenge);
  • July 4, Tuesday: Liberation Day (Umunsi wo Kwibohoza);
  • August 4, Friday: Umuganura;
  • August 15, Tuesday: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Umunsi wo gufata);
  • December 25, Monday: Christmas (Umunsi wa Noheri);
  • December 26, Tuesday: Boxing Day (Umunsi w’iteramakofe).


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News - Rwanda

10.04.2023 07:00
RwandAir signed a code-share agreement with Turkish Airlines. Pin to board
09.11.2022 17:11
RwandaAir flies from Kigali (Rwanda) to London. Pin to board