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In Mexico, in the state of Chiapas, some archaeological monuments of the Mayan civilisation have become dangerous for tourists because of the war of drug cartels. 06.02.2024

It is now impossible to visit the ruins of Yashchilan, famous for its sculptures and monumental architecture. Drug cartels have also set up their own checkpoints on the roads leading to the ruins of Bonampak and the Lagartero site. Tourists’ documents are checked and mobile phones taken away, most guides abandon their usual routes and do not lead groups of foreigners to archaeological sites. The Mexican government does not intervene in the war between bandit groups for influence and claims that the territory of Chiapas remains safe for tourists.

Currency exchange rate MXN to USD

Updated 28.02.2024


Mexico: country’s borders status

Borders are open. Currently there are no imposed COVID-related restrictions.

National holidays in Mexico in 2024

Public holidays and festivals in Mexico in 2024. Non-working days:

  • January 1, Monday: New Year (Año Nuevo);
  • February 5, Monday: Constitution day (Día de la Constitución);
  • March 18, Monday: Benito Huarez Day (Día de Benito Huarez);
  • March 28, Thursday: Maundy Thursday (Jueves Santo);
  • March 29, Friday: Great Friday (Viernes Santo);
  • May 1, Wednesday: Labor Day (Día laboral);
  • May 5, Sunday: The anniversary of the battle of Pueblo (El aniversario de la batalla de Pueblo);
  • September 16, Monday: Independence Day (Día de la Independencia);
  • October 12, Saturday: Day of the Race (Día de la Raza);
  • November 2, Saturday: The day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos);
  • November 18, Monday: Day of Revolution (Día de la Revolución);
  • December 12, Thursday: Our Lady of Guadalupe (Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe);
  • December 25, Wednesday: Christmas (Navidad).


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News - Mexico

21.02.2024 10:32
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