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In Israel there is an abnormal heat for this time of year, the thermometer rose to 47 degrees.

In Eilat, due to dust storms, flights were temporarily suspended.

Currency exchange rate ILS to USD

Updated 23.09.2023


Israel: country`s borders status

Borders are open. There are some additional requirements.

Entry conditions for citizens and tourists

In order to enter the country passenger must have the following:

  • a health insurance to cover COVID-19 treatment. Airlines are not required to check the insurance.

These passengers doesn’t need a health insurance:

  • citizens and residents of Israel;
  • those started their journey in Ukraine.

National holidays in Israel in 2023

Public holidays and festivals in Israel in 2023. Non-working days:

  • April 6, Thursday: Passah (פאסח);
  • April 12, Wednesday: The seventh day of Passha (היום השביעי של פסאה);
  • March 26, Wednesday: Independence Day (יום העצמאות);
  • March 26, Friday: Shavouette (שבועות);
  • September 16, Saturday: Rosh Ha-Shana (רוש חנה);
  • September 17, Sunday: Rosh Ha-Shana (רוש חנה);
  • September 25, Monday: Yom Kippur (יום כיפור);
  • September 30, Saturday: The first day is succot (היום הראשון הוא סוקוט);
  • October 7, Saturday: Simhat Torah (שמחת תורה).


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News - Israel

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