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Finnair on September 30 will curtail its 95% discount programme for Ukrainian citizens.

You can buy tickets at the minimum price for flights from Krakow, Warsaw, Budapest and Prague to Helsinki.

Currency exchange rate UAH to EUR

Updated 03.10.2023


Ukraine: country`s borders status

Commercial flights are not operated. However, it is possible to enter by land.

Currently opened checkpoints:
on the border with Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia.

Currently closed checkpoints:
on the border Belarus, Russia, Transnistria.

Entry conditions for citizens and tourists

Every passenger needs need a heatlth insuarance covering COVID-19 treatment expences.

To enter the country passengers older than 18 years must have one of the following documents:

  • valid vaccination or recovery certificate;
  • a negative PCR test result taken no more than 72 hours before arrival.

In case person is not vaccinated he or she must install “Vdoma” application and have a test upon arrival. If the result is negative, no self-isolation is required, otherwise it may be up to 10 days.

Requirements for vaccination and recovery certificates

The vaccination certificate considering valid if:

  • the jab was made with one of the accepted vaccines: Covishield, Janssen, Pfizer, Sinopharm, Sinovac, SKBio, Spikevax, Vaxzevria;
  • it is in English, Russian or Ukrainian.

The recovery certificate considering valid if:

  • it is EU DCC.

National holidays in Ukraine in 2023

Public holidays and festivals in Ukraine in 2023. Non-working days:

  • June 12, Monday: Pentecost (День Святої Трійці);
  • June 28, Wednesday: Day of the Ukrainian Constitution (День української конституції);
  • July 28, Friday: Day of the Ukrainian Statehood (День української державності);
  • August 24, Thursday: Independence Day (День Незалежності);
  • October 14, Saturday: Day of the Defenders of Ukraine (День захисників України);
  • December 25, Monday: Christmas (Різдво Христове).

Please note that some holidays have been canceled due to martial law. If the changes in the legislation continue, then, most likely, other holidays will also be canceled.

Finland: country’s borders status

Borders are open. Currently there are no imposed COVID-related restrictions.

National holidays in Finland in 2023

Public holidays and festivals in Finland in 2023. Non-working days:

  • January 1, Sunday: New Year (Uudenvuodenpäivä)
  • January 6, Friday: Epiphany (Loppiainen)
  • March 7, Friday: Good Friday (Pitkäperjantai)
  • March 9, Sunday: Easter (Pääsiäispäivä)
  • April 10, Monday: Easter (2. pääsiäispäivä)
  • May 1, Monday: Mayday (Vappu)
  • May 18, Thursday: Ascension (Helatorstai)
  • May 28, Sunday: Day of the Holy Trinity (Helluntaipäivä)
  • June 23, Friday: Mid summer (Juhannusaatto)
  • June 24, Saturday: Ivan Kupala (Juhannuspäivä)
  • November 4, Saturday: All Saints’ Day (Pyhäinpäivä)
  • December 6, Wednesday: independence Day (Itsenäisyyspäivä)
  • December 24, Sunday: Christmas Eve (Jouluaatto)
  • December 25, Monday: Christmas (Joulupäivä)
  • December 26, Tuesday: The second day of Christmas (2. joulupäivä)


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07.09.2023 07:21
Finnair on September 30 will curtail its 95% discount programme for Ukrainian citizens. Pin to board

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Finnair on September 30 will curtail its 95% discount programme for Ukrainian citizens. Pin to board
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