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Ashgabat has postponed the start date of “Chamber Music Evening”. 08.02.2024

The event will be held on 24 February.

Currency exchange rate TMT to USD

Updated 23.02.2024


Turkmenistan: country`s borders status

Borders are open. There are some additional COVID-related requirements.

Entry conditions for citizens and tourists

Passengers are subject to a COVID-19 test upon arrival.

National holidays in Turkmenistan in 2024

Public holidays and festivals in Turkmenistan in 2024. Non-working days:

  • January 1, Monday: New Year (Taze yyl);
  • March 8, Friday: International Women’s Day (Halkara aýallar güni);
  • March 21, Thursday: Navruz (Nawruz);
  • March 22, Friday: Navruz (Nawruz);
  • April 10, Wednesday: Eid Ul-Fitr (Remezan Baýramy);
  • May 18, Saturday: Constitution and National Flag Day (Konstitusiýa we Döwlet baýdak güni);
  • June 16, Sunday: Kurban Bayram (Gurban baýramy);
  • September 27, Friday: Independence Day (Garaşsyzlyk güni);
  • October 6, Sunday: Memorial Day (Matam güni);
  • December 12, Thursday: International Day of Neutrality (Halkara Bitaraplyk güni).


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News - Turkmenistan

22.02.2024 08:44
Kazakhstan will reduce the time of border crossing with neighbouring countries to 30 minutes. Pin to board
08.02.2024 09:08
Ashgabat has postponed the start date of “Chamber Music Evening”. Pin to board
02.02.2024 17:02
Turkmenistan Airlines from 15 February to 30 March offer discounts on flights from Ashgabad to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Pin to board
28.01.2024 15:07
The Moscow – Ashgabat – Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) route of Turkmenistan airlines was opened. Pin to board
27.01.2024 14:27
An art exhibition dedicated to the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland opened in Ashgabat. Pin to board
26.01.2024 23:10
The route Moscow – Ashgabat – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) of Turkmenistan airlines was opened. Pin to board