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An international film festival will be held in New York from 29 September to 15 October.

The films to be screened are selected solely based on their artistic merit.

Currency exchange rate USD to EUR

Updated 10.12.2023


Country’s borders status

Borders are open. Currently there are no imposed COVID-related restrictions.

National holidays in United States of America in 2023

Public holidays and festivals in United States of America in 2023. Non-working days:

  • January 1, Sunday: New Year;
  • January 2, Monday: Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.;
  • March 20, Monday: Washington’s birthday;
  • March 29, Monday: Memorial Day;
  • June 19, Monday: Juneteenth National Independence Day;
  • July 4, Tuesday: Independence Day;
  • September 4, Monday: Labor Day;
  • September 9, Saturday: Columbus Day;
  • November 10, Friday: Veterans Day;
  • November 23, Thursday: Thanksgiving Day;
  • December 25, Monday: Christmas.


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News - USA

08.12.2023 10:11
A Christmas parade will be held in Ocala (USA) on 9 December. Pin to board
07.12.2023 23:16
Qatar Airways will increase the number of flights from Doha to Miami to 10 per week from January. Pin to board
07.12.2023 19:16
New York – Cali (Colombia) route by Avianca. Pin to board
07.12.2023 19:10
Open route Miami – Cali (Colombia) by Avianca airline. Pin to board
07.12.2023 12:05
British Airways will reduce the number of flights from London to Dallas to 6 per week from 26 December to 7 January. Pin to board
06.12.2023 19:37
NYC Horror Film Festival will be held in New York on 7-10 December. Pin to board