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Sea Breeze

A circus opened in Baku on the territory of Sea Breeze complex.

Artists will present to the audience the programme “Legends of Monte Carlo”. Tickets cost from $5.

Currency exchange rate AZN to USD

Updated 21.06.2024


Country’s borders status

Borders are open. Currently there are no imposed COVID-related restrictions.

National holidays in Azerbaijan in 2024

Public holidays and festivals in Azerbaijan in 2024. Non-working days:

  • January 1, Monday: New Year (Yeni il);
  • January 20, Saturday: Memorial Day of the Victims of the Totalitar Regime (Totalitar Regim Qurbanların Anım Günü);
  • March 8, Friday: International Women’s Day (Beynəlxalq Women’s Day);
  • March 20, Wednesday: Nowruz Bayram (Nowruz holiday);
  • April 10, Wednesday: Ramazan Bayram (Ramazan Bayramı);
  • May 9, Thursday: Victory Day over Fascism (Victory Day over Fascism);
  • May 28, Tuesday: Republic Day (Respublika Günü);
  • June 15, Saturday: National Salvation Day (Milli Qurtuluş Günü);
  • June 26, Wednesday: National Army Day (Milli Ordu Günü);
  • June 16, Sunday: Eid al-Adha (Qurban bayramı);
  • October 18, Friday: Independence Day (Müstaqillik Günü);
  • November 9, Saturday: State Flag Day (Dövlət Bayrağı Günü);
  • November 12, Tuesday: Constitution Day (Konstitusiya günü);
  • November 17, Sunday: National Revival Day (Milli Dirçəliş Günü);
  • December 31, Tuesday: Azerbaijani Solidarity Day (Azərbaycanlıların Həmrəyliyi Günü).

Bridge holidays in Azerbaijan in 2024: the days off are January 2, March 21, 22, 23, 24, April 11, June 17, 18.


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News - Azerbaijan

17.06.2024 22:01
Shikhovo beach (Baku) was cleaned of rubbish. Pin to board
16.06.2024 20:50
Mineralnye Vody – Ganja route of Azimut Airlines is opened. Pin to board
10.06.2024 20:49
The card of Russian payment system ”MIR” started working in Azerbaijan.  Pin to board
07.06.2024 09:39
The route Lankaran (Azerbaijan) – Moscow of Utair airline has been opened. Pin to board
06.06.2024 22:38
Hava Şarları Festivalı will be held in Shemakha (Azerbaijan) on 8-9 June. Pin to board
06.06.2024 13:41
A circus opened in Baku on the territory of Sea Breeze complex. Pin to board