Latest information on travel bans during COVID-19


Country's border status

Flights to Iraq restarted.

Passengers arriving at Basra (BSR), Baghdad (BGW), Erbil (EBL), Najaf (NJF) or Sulamaniyah (ISU) must have medical certificate with negative COVID-19 test result.

The common requirements for certificate are:

  • must be issued no more than 72 hours before departure;
  • must be in Arabic or English.
  • must be printed;
  • must be PCR or RT-PCR.

If passenger doesn’t have a medical certificate he or she will undergo coronavirus testing on arrival on his or her own expence.

There is no need for COVID-19 certificate for children younger 6 years arriving in Baghdad (BGW), younger than 10 years arriving in Najaf (NJF) and children younger than 12 years arriving in Erbil (EBL).

Please notice: COVID-19 test issued by United Kingdom’s NHS is not accepted!

For Erbil (EBL) and Sulamaniyah (ISU) passengers must fill in special “Pledge Form”

Entry to Erbil (EBL) and Sulaymaniyah (ISU) for passengers who have been in Iran in the last 30 days is prohibited.

Citizens of Indonesia is barred from entry to Basra (BSR) and Najaf (NJF).

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