Laos: restrictions and entry requirements 2023

Country’s borders status

Borders are open. Currently there are no imposed COVID-related restrictions.

News — Laos

22.04.2023 18:00
In the countries of Southeast Asia there is abnormally hot weather. Pin to board
10.03.2023 17:55
Laos has allowed Aeroflot planes to fly over its territory. Pin to board
20.02.2023 11:00
Ural Airlines will suspend flights from Vladivostok to Vientiane, Laos. Pin to board
13.12.2022 11:30
Laos has temporarily closed airspace to Aeroflot flights. Pin to board
27.11.2022 16:00
Beginning December 20, the Ural Airlines will launch an additional flight on Tuesdays on the route from Vladivostok to Vientiane (Laos). Pin to board
26.08.2022 19:23
Ural Airlines will begin flying from Vladivostok to Vientiane, Laos, beginning October 29. Pin to board

National holidays in Laos in 2023

Public holidays and festivals in Laos in 2023. Non-working days:

  • January 1, Sunday: New Year’s Eve (ປີ​ໃຫມ່);
  • January 2, Monday: New Year’s Day (ສະເຫຼີມສະຫຼອງປີໃໝ່);
  • January 6, Friday: Pathet Lao Day in Laos (ວັນ​ປະ​ເທດ​ລາວ);
  • Wednesday, March 8: International Women’s Day (ວັນແມ່ຍິງສາກົນ);
  • Wednesday, March 22: Day of the People’s Revolutionary Party of Laos (ວັນພັກປະຊາຊົນ ປະຕິວັດລາວ);
  • from April 14 to April 16, from Friday to Sunday: Lao New Year (ປີໃໝ່ລາວ);
  • Monday, May 1: Labor Day (ວັນ​ກໍາ​ມະ​ກອນ);
  • Thursday, May 4: Visakhabus Day (ວັນວິສາຂະບູຊາ);
  • Thursday, June 1: Children’s Day (ວັນປົກປ້ອງເດັກ);
  • Monday, July 3: Bone Khao Fansa (ກະດູກເຂົາແຟນ);
  • Thursday, July 20: Lao Women’s Union Day (ວັນສະຫະພັນແມ່ຍິງລາວ);
  • Tuesday, August 1: Victory Day in Laos and Cambodia (ວັນ​ໄຊ​ຊະ​ນະ​ໃນ​ປະ​ເທດ​ລາວ​ແລະ​ກໍາ​ປູ​ເຈຍ);
  • Monday, October 9: Boat Race Festival (ບຸນຊ່ວງເຮືອ);
  • Saturday, October 28: Bone Ok Phansa (ກະດູກ ອໍລະພັນ);
  • Monday, November 27: That Luang Festival (ບຸນທາດຫຼວງ);
  • Saturday, December 2: National Day (ວັນຊາດ);
  • Monday, December 4: National Day (ວັນຊາດ).

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