Denmark: restrictions and entry requirements 2024

Denmark: country’s borders status

Borders are open. Currently there are no imposed COVID-related restrictions.

News — Denmark

21.02.2024 21:48
Atlantic Airways’ Vagar (Faroe Islands) – London route is open. Pin to board
12.02.2024 09:02
SAS Airlines’ Atlanta to Copenhagen, Denmark route is open. Pin to board
11.02.2024 11:29
In Copenhagen on 11 February will be held carnival Fastelavn. Pin to board
30.01.2024 18:08
Etihad Airways increases the number of flights from Copenhagen to Abu Dhabi to 4 per week from 31 March. Pin to board
11.01.2024 21:33
A heavy snowstorm has hit Denmark. Pin to board
08.12.2023 22:08
In the Faroe Islands began to charge for visiting natural attractions. Pin to board

National holidays in Denmark in 2024

Public holidays and festivals in Denmark in 2024. Non-working days:

  • January 1, Monday: New Year (Nytårsdag);
  • March 28, Thursday: Maundy Thursday (Skærtorsdag);
  • March 29, Friday: Good Friday (Langfredag);
  • March 31, Sunday: Easter (Påskedag);
  • April 1, Monday: Easter (2. Påskedag);
  • April 26, Friday: General Prayer Day (Store bededag);
  • May 9, Thursday: Ascension Day (Kristi Himmelfartsdag);
  • May 10, Friday: Bank closing day (Banklukkedag);
  • May 19, Sunday: Pentecost (Pinsedag);
  • May 20, Monday: Whit Monday (2. Pinsedag);
  • June 5, Wednesday: Constitution Day (Grundlovsdag);
  • December 24, Tuesday: Christmas Eve (Juleaftensdag);
  • December 25, Wednesday: Christmas Day (Juledag);
  • December 26, Thursday: St. Stephen’s Day (juledag);
  • December 31, Tuesday: New Year’s Eve (Nytårsaftensdag).

Currency exchange rate DKK to USD

Updated 26.02.2024


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